International Certificate of Competence (ICC) in Sydney NSW

ABC Sydney have partnered with International Yacht Training to offer the International Certificate of Competence for Boat and also for PWC (Personal Water Craft), which allows you to ride a Jet Ski.

Obtaining an ICC allows you to convert your local Boat Licence Course into one that is able to be used in many countries including popular European destinations such as Croatia, France, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

It's best practice to check with the charter base/business before you travel to make sure that an ICC is all you require - some insurers require it even though the countries may not explicitly say it's needed.

Some countries also require that you hold a VHF Radio Licence if the boat is fitted with a radio.

The minimum age for obtaining any ICC is 16, and the requirement to do our course stands even if you already hold a NSW Boat Licence - unless you've done an ABC course in the past 5 years.

An ICC does not replace a NSW Boat Licence and cannot be used in Australia.

What are the different types of ICC?

Course options:

  • 🚤 ICC Power Boat <10m (32 feet)
  • ⛵ ICC Sail Boat <10m (32 feet)
  • 🚤 ICC Power Boat <24m (78 feet)
  • ⛵ ICC Sail Boat <24m (78 feet)
  • ⎅ CEVNI - Code Europ�en des Voies de la Navigation Int�rieure
  • ♒ ICC Personal Water Craft - Jet Ski
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"I did my NSW boating license as well as the ICC Sail & Power <24m with ABC.
Excellent service, very flexible in finding suitable timing for the exam and very knowledgeable trainers.
Would not hesitate to choose ABC again!"Christian Bindel, Google Review

How do I get a International Boating Certificate?

🚤 Power Boat Less Than 10 Metres

If you are planning on using a powered vessel up to 10 metres in length, you can book our standard full-day General Boat Licence Course for $265 and pay an additional $150 processing fee.

This covers all the knowledge and skills necessary to attain the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for smaller vessels.

⛵ Sail Boat Less Than 10 Metres

This is an additional option for the standard Power Boat ICC, and the requirements are the same - except for the need to demonstrate sailing competency.

If you have a suitable vessel we can come on board as your guest while you demonstrate the competencies.

If you do not own a suitable sailing vessel you may be able to charter one midweek.

We have had clients book with Skipper A Clipper in Pittwater.

The best time to organise this practical assessment is during the week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, though we may be able to accommodate outside these days.

🚤 Power Boat Less Than 24 Metres

The next step is the 24 metre ICC. You will need a suitable vessel for assessment, namely one over 10 metres in size.

We would then come on board and have you complete a series of manoeuvres to assess your competency.

There is also another theory assessment for the 24m ICC qualification. The best way to study is to purchase the IYT ICC for Vessels up to 24m Coastal E-Learning guide online.

Our experience is that all students who've used the IYT online resource have passed first attempt.

⛵ Sail Boat Less Than 24 Metres

Similar to the lower tier of ICC, the requirements for the <24m Sail Boat ICC include additional theory assessment as well as a practical demonstration.

Again you can either provide your own Sailing vessel larger than 10 metres, or charter one for us to assess you.

⎅ What do I need a CEVNI for?

The CEVNI Code is a set of rules that govern the use of inland waterways in some European countries.

It covers additional requirements for navigating tighter canals and rivers, and involves learning new signs and marks, sound signalling, and right-of-way.

To prepare for the CEVNI test, we recommend reading the most up-to-date version of the CEVNI Code which can be found at UNECE, specifically these Annexes:

This will prepare you for the theory test, which takes about an hour.

Exam fees for CEVNI are $50 and can be completed during your course or practical assessment.

♒ Do I need a PWC ICC to drive a Jet Ski overseas?

Again this is a question best answered by getting in touch with the business that's chartering you a Personal Water Craft, but it is a common requirement.

To be eligible for the PWC ICC all you need to do is attend our full-day Boat & Jet Ski/PWC Licence Course, which covers all the knowledge and skills you need.

How long does it take to get an ICC?

Once you have booked, paid, and completed your course, we will send your course records to International Yacht Training and issue you a login to their website.

Just enter your contact details and upload a suitable photo.

You will be emailed a temporary licence, and a wallet-sized plastic licence card will be posted.

Depending on processing time at IYT you can expect your certificate in roughly 10 business days.

ICC Licences are valid for 5 years and can be renewed for a fee. They do not replace a NSW boating licence and can only be used overseas.

How much does an ICC cost?

Boat Only ICC

This includes the full-day ABC course cost, ICC processing fees, and any practical assessment fees for the Boating ICC:

<10m 🚤 $415
<10m $820
<24m 🚤 $770
<24m $820


This includes the above costs, plus the extra costs for PWC-related training:

<10m 🚤 + PWC $670
<10m + PWC $1075
<24m 🚤 + PWC $1025
<24m + PWC $1075
PWC Only ? $520
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