Australian Boating College on Sydney Weekender

The team at the Australian Boating College Sydney are stoked that Channel 7's Sydney Weekender chose us to be featured in their episode that was all about boating.

You'll see us with host Sophie Falkiner at our Cammeray venue, as she goes through the General Boat Licence Course.

As Sophie explains during her high-speed portion of the Practical Boating Experience, "Learning to handle a boat moving slowly gives you a lot more confidence when the boat's traveling at speed..."

Of course, the low-speed stuff will get you home, but driving at high speed "is by far the funnest way to get back on the wharf."

We're so pleased to have taken her out on the water and can't wait to take you out in one of our courses today!

Sophie: To get the most out of living in Sydney, you really need to get out onto the water, and to get the most out of being on the water, you really need a Boat Licence.

Sophie: And with the 50th Sydney International Boat Show coming up there's going to be thousands of reasons to get yourself up to speed.

Sophie: So I've come to the Australian Boating College to meet Owner and Senior Instructor Adam Smith.

Adam: Come onboard and we'll get you out on the boat with Steve, have a bit of a feel of things and see how you go!

Sophie: I'm excited!

Adam: And then we'll do some training with you later.

Sophie: Let's do it!

Sophie: I'm heading out with a bunch of people getting their Licences today, to see what's involved and as Steve the Instructor points out, it's very different from driving a car.

Steve: We're just getting used to this delayed reaction in the boat, this change of direction, this slow sluggish-type feel.

Sophie: In no time at all the students have taken the wheel.

Steve: Let's engage the forward gear. Lift, push. Alright, just a little bit more power Stephen, we're going to just get the bow up a little bit.

Sophie: And pretty quickly you're doing figure 8s forwards.

Steve: Back the other way, around we go.

Sophie: And in reverse.

Sophie: Everybody on the boat is pretty motivated to pass their test first time.

Student 1: We just purchased a new boat, don't have a Licence. I've been actually out on the water with skippers, rented skippers, so I think it's about time I actually got my Licence and had a go at it.

Student 2: My wife actually encouraged me to get my Boat Licence, so, there's no excuse not to get a boat.

Student 3: My husband just bought a boat and we... Yeah we wanted to go out on the water together and my daughter and he have both got their Licences already.

Sophie: Okay how old's your daughter?

Student 3: Twelve.

Sophie: So you can get it that early can you?

Student 3: Yeah.

Sophie: Well if a 12 year old can do it, so can I!

Sophie: So how long does it actually take to get your licence, all up?

Adam: So it's most of a day but it's only one day essentially.

Adam: Theory in the classroom, Practical out here on the water and that's it.

Adam: So paperwork from us, off to RMS, and get your licence.

Sophie: Okay, can you get me started?

Adam: Let's go!

Sophie: Alright let's do it!

Adam: Your turn.


Sophie: I start off with the basics, and pretty soon I've got the figure 8s, and the reverse figure 8s, down pat.

Sophie: Then it's time to meet another member of the team.

Adam: Well this is Bob, so we're going to throw him in and we're going to go through a practice man overboard retrieval. Gonna be close enough that I can pick him up with the boat hook.

Sophie: Do you want me to hang onto Bob for the time being?

Adam: He's yours.

Sophie: He needs a sad face, he's going in.


Sophie: Sorry Bob!

Adam: First thing you should do or say when someone goes in the water is...

Sophie: Man overboard!

Adam: Excellent, no worries.

Sophie: Now we just have to pick him up.

Sophie: It's all about knowing how to handle the boat at low speed.

Adam: Throttle back, slow the boat down.

Adam: Good work, straight between the eyes, as they say in the classics. Well done!

Sophie: So Adam, we've learnt the terminology, we've reversed, we've saved Bob, what's next?

Adam: Fast stuff now.

Sophie:You ready?

Adam: Ready!

Sophie: Learning to handle a boat moving slowly gives you a lot more confidence when the boat's traveling at speed, and we get to do some figure 8s at the same time.

Adam: All the way around across your wash, so keep heading towards the shoreline.

Sophie: This is by far the funnest way to get back on the wharf.

Sophie: Adam, thank you so much for today, I had a ball out on the water, have I passed?

Adam: Oh you did great on the water, that was fantastic, but you haven't quite got there yet, now you need to go to the classroom and do the written test.

Sophie: Oh really?

Adam: Yes.

Sophie: Oh, thanks.

Adam: Good luck, you'll be fine.

Sophie: Bye!

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